Metallic Stucco

Metallic Stucco

Metallic stucco is exactly what it sounds like – a metallic plaster that uses a mixture of metallic pigments to achieve the colour and textured appearance of metal. Metallic stucco is available in gold, silver, bronze or copper, to elevate any space in a special way.

For a bespoke surface finish, metallic stucco is hard to beat.

Metallic stucco provides a surface finish unlike any other – literally. The pigment content is randomised and when applied, no two applications are the same. This means there are perceptible differences in the character of two walls where it is applied. This is what makes it so special. Compared to wallpaper, metallic stucco is unique.

For businesses who want to achieve a luxury ambience in their stores, or homeowners who want to give their spaces a wow factor, metallic stucco is a great choice and the pigments can be mixed in different quantities for different effects. Gold, silver, bronze and copper are available to suit your taste and create the space you have in your head.

The Benefits

Metallic stucco has several benefits.


Metallic stucco is 100% bespoke – no two applications are the same. This ensures each surface has its own unique character.


Metallic stucco will last the lifetime of the property. It is low-maintenance and the metallic effect won’t wear off over time.


Metallic stucco is available in gold, silver, bronze and copper, as well as bespoke colours with pigments to suit your project.


Metallic paints and wallpapers are cheap copies. Metallic stucco is the real deal – you can tell it’s luxurious. It oozes class.

Working with Wall & Deco

At Wall & Deco, we have utilised metallic stucco in a wide range of interior design projects to elevate spaces into the realm of luxury. If you are thinking about using metallic stucco in your project, we’re here to provide advice and perform the work. We can recommend a variety of finishes based on your requirements, and our skilled artisans are able to perform the work to the exceptional standards you expect.




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For more information regarding metallic stucco, please don’t hesitate to email us. We can also provide a no obligation quote for any work you are interested in.